Classic Walking Tour

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You'll learn about:

* The Pink Lady who haunts the Grove Park Inn
* Chilling apparitions from a suicide at Helen's Bridge
* A young lady brutally murdered in the Battery Park Hotel
* Spirits from the madman who executed our city's largest killing spree
* A body entombed in the wall of St. Lawrence, and much more.

* Not only will you experience Asheville's dark underbelly, but you'll also learn about ghost hunting yourself. It's the original adventure produced by Asheville's original ghost expert.

Stroll through the streets of scenic downtown Asheville as we safely guide you to the area's most haunted hotspots. You'll hear the legends and history of these places in our walking tour that’s fun for the whole family! Tour runs approximately 2 hours and covers 1.5 miles.

We start out from the creepy alleyway behind the Asheville Masonic Temple, location of the Asheville Mystery Museum. And at the end of the tour, you will enter the basement of the Masonic Temple to experience our Mystery Museum!

Click HERE for directions.

Price: $20 for adults, $15 for children age 9 to 14, age 8 and under FREE.

tour group

How you can take the tour . . .

(Note this is the "ghost tour," not the "ghost hunt" in the Masonic Temple. The ghost hunt is a different experience.)

The tour usually runs 4 nights per week:

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, at 8pm, regardless of whether or not it rains or snows! We may have to cancel due to extremely heavy snow if our guide cannot make it on the roadways. In that case, you will receive a refund.

DOG POLICY: It's okay to have dogs on the walk, but you cannot enter the Temple, Museum or any other building with dogs.

Here’s guide Brian Bloxsom with guests from Florida. We even operate in the snow! No cancellations allowed!

WEATHER POLICY: Our tour usually runs regardless of weather, and we have indoor options available, as well. Therefore, we do not offer refunds if the weather is cold or rainy or snowy or if you show up late. But, since some guides live high in the mountains, we may need to cancel if there is extremely heavy snow blocking some roadways. In that case, you will receive a full refund.


You can park, for FREE, in any unmarked space at the HomeTrust Bank, located at 10 Woodfin Street, beside the Asheville Masonic Temple. For directions, click HERE.

Then, cross the street to the creepy alleyway behind the Asheville Masonic Temple. Here is an overhead view of the path:

click for larger image

Parking is also available right beside the Temple for a fee, or you can park for free in public spaces in downtown Asheville, after 6pm. But, regardless of where you park, you will still need to enter the alleyway from the HomeTrust Bank side of the street.

Just show up 10 minutes before your tour time in the creepy alleyway behind the Asheville Masonic Temple, at 80 Broadway Street, with cash in-hand (exact amount is appreciated), on any Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (the rest of 2016). We can only take cash if you are a walk-up.

Please DO NOT enter the Masonic Temple without a guide since private functions may be taking place inside.

However . . .

We STRONGLY suggest you purchase your tickets online now, in advance, using a credit card or your PayPal account. To do so, just choose the tickets for the night you want.


Again, please DO NOT enter the Masonic Temple without a guide since private functions may be taking place inside.

Note: Billing may show up as "Classie Moon" or “Shadowbox Enterprises” or “Joshua P. Warren” on your credit card.

And if you have a special "group tour" request, please email us at and we'll let you know if we can accommodate your request for a reservation.

If anything is unclear, contact us at

or leave a message at (828) 398-GOST; that's (828) 398-4678. REMEMBER--we are a night-time business, so if you leave a message, you may not receive a response till after 5pm the same day. Sometimes we are so swamped we are unable to return calls.

New Self-Guided Tour App for Android
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