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Broadway premiere happened in 1997, the musical has been observed by over 65 million people globally. And, the director Julie Taymor -- whose colorful costumes are so famous that they are now a part of their permanent collection in the Smithsonian Museum -- became the first girl to win a Tony Award for directing a musical. (It won five additional Tonys, together with 70 additional awards, comprise the 1999 Grammy for Best Musical Show Album.) Also superlative? The gifted lyrics and music group: Elton John and Time Rice. The duo, who made the music to the movie, have accommodated all of the movie's huge hits for the point, from "Circle of Life" into the Academy Award-winning song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight."

The narrative is simple but classic: The lion cub Simba, who's born from the African American heartland, is destined to become king. Simba, profoundly sad and humiliated, goes into self-exile. Since Simba wanders the jungle, then he develops to a lion and finally returns to recover the throne. A jealous brother that kills the king and banishes the youthful prince?

Perhaps most noteworthy is the manner by which the African landscape comes to life through the individual body. Each one the organic components -- such as fresh buds of bud -- are done by celebrities, who blossom out of the floor and sway back and forth because the winds cross the African plains. The celebrities also expressively utilize their own bodies writhing, pouncing, leaping -- to execute the astonishing selection of creatures: Zebras prance, antelopes arch their backs and giraffes teeter such as stiff-legged ballet dancers.